Monday, April 18, 2016

Out of Florida On To Georgia

We had quite a chilly week with lots of grey skies and wind. However, we were able to enjoy some blue skies and sunshine for a few days which were our saving grace after pounding in 20-28k winds out of the north and in our face on several sounds that we had to cross.
Walking the inland trail on Cumberland.
The first place in Georgia that we visited, one of Al's and my favorite, was Cumberland Island. (Once again, Facebook followers, you have seen most of these pics for which I apologize.) We saw the southern tip in the fall, but the mosquitoes were nasty because of all the rain so we did not explore as much as we would have liked, so came back and got our fill now. We did not get to see the wild horses this time but the beach and trails were great. I am reading the book, Cumberland Island – Strong Women, Wild Horses by Charles Seabrook that Maryann on CAVU with whom we are traveling gave me. I wish I would have read it before we got there because it would have opened my eyes to pay attention to certain details of the past history. I am finding it fascinating the controversy that this island provokes between the National Park Service of which the island is currently under the purview and the descendants, some of whom still live on the island.
Carol Ruckdeschel a gifted naturalist who has lived on the island since 1973.  Found this out in the book! She is a fascinating woman.

Walking the trails with the Spanish moss hanging from the live oaks, palmettos, pines, magnolias, bay berries, resurrection ferns and much more is just beautiful.
Can you find the cardinal?

I love the canopy of trees.

As beautiful as inland is, the dunes and beach are spectacular as well.
Walking the boardwalk out to the beach to preserve the dunes.

No it is not a snow bank, but sparkling white fine sand!

Eighteen mile long stupendous beach!

We shared the beach with the Oyster Catchers.

The view of Blue Heaven and CAVU from Cumberland.

After two long, rough, windy grey days heading north, we treated ourselves to two days at a new marina we had never been to before, Isle of Hope Marina near Savannah. It was definitely what the doctor ordered! The southern hospitality there was great. It is a small marina so not loads of amenities but enough to keep us happy. One thing that was very beneficial were there 2 courtesy cars which you could check out for 2 hrs. at a time. However, since we had two boats, that meant we could take one car for 4 hours. That gave us plenty of time to do some needed shopping, dinner out and even an afternoon in Savannah.
Savannah's River Walk with vendors galore.

Paddle boats- a definite southern icon

An interesting World War II Memorial

Ron, Maryann and Al enjoying the shade.
Don't see a fountain like this in many places!

We all had a special treat.  I could not pass up the Nutty Coconut ice cream.  Delicious!

Both couples had been to Savannah before but we enjoyed our time revisiting the river walk area, especially because it was such a gorgeous day to walk around.

Bluff Street at Isle of Hope
Back at Isle of Hope Marina the road next to the marina called Bluff Street is the most charming southern street with some magnificent homes and some quaint homes. It was a perfect place for Maryann and I to get our walks in. I just had to share this wonderful street with you.

Looking toward the marina.

One of the magnificent homes.
One of the quaint homes.

Can't you just see someone sitting there sipping lemonade?

What a lovely view and we got to enjoy it.

So we are moving on to Beaufort, SC and hoping the temperatures get out of the sixties and low seventies because it is feeling cold to us with our thin blood from the Bahamas. I think Pennsylvania has had warmer weather the past few days than we have!

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