Monday, April 4, 2016

Missing the Turquoise Waters Already

(Apology to those on Facebook, you may have seen some of these pictures.)

We had a nice crossing especially across the banks with some wind off our aft quarter which helped in the motoring . It was flat and turquoise. Just such a beautiful color! That is what I miss the most the years we don't go to the Bahamas. 

It was so clear you could see the dolphins under the water. We were escorted twice by some, once in the afternoon and once near sunset. It is always a highlight!  Enjoy the experience with the video.

The sunset is always pretty but due to low clouds at the horizon, no green flash was seen. I took some of the sturgeron (sea sickness medicine) just in case, because once out in the ocean you do get a certain rocking motion. We did get to just sail for a few hours but on my watch I noticed we were getting under 6 knots so I started the engine. Al was up and in the cockpit before I could say “Jack Robinson!”  That is how much he trusts my judgement!!!
 We (us and a single-hander on the boat, Andante, who crossed with us) got into Ft. Pierce inlet at slack tide around 7:30am. 

The tide was still falling!
Along the way, we saw a strange way to anchor. Not a good spot to be in. 

We were tied to a mooring at Vero Beach Marina by 10:15am and I was at Easter Mass by 12:15pm! I felt like I was rocking in my pew, but I was there!
We discovered a stow away on board, a flying fish.  He was against the gunnel and we did not see him until later that day.
Poor flying fish, wasn't flying anymore!

Monday we started with the usual chores of 3 loads of laundry and hauling water to the boat. That evening we dodged the rain.  Vero Beach was in a slot of clearing between rain to the south and north of us, to take the dinghy across the intra-coastal to Mr. Manatees. A favorite on Monday nights, because it is $5 burger night and special happy hour prices. We went with friends on Pepromenon, Bob and Carol, who we saw last fall, and Bess and Jim on Destiny. It was a lot of fun, and we were glad, Carol suggested going at four-thirty because when we came out there were at least 25 people waiting for tables.

The next day we took the bus to Dunkin Donuts to update our apps on our phones and ipad. It takes quite a bit of time when you have not done that for several months. I thought they were going to ask us for rent! Our phones got updated but never did get the ipad to do so. I think we need to go to an Apple Store to see why not.

The rest of the week was doing some shopping and changing the oil and other maintenance. We got some long walks in and saw this lovely orchid growing on this live oak tree limb which I thought was beautiful. 
One our finds on one of our walks.
I also worked on my baskets.  I finished this one in the Abacos 
Pine needle basket #2.
and started on the next one.  I got this far and ran out of the turquoise embroidery thread one inch from the end.  It happened late Saturday, so the bus service had stopped for the weekend, so did not get out to get anymore.  How frustrating!
Will have to wait to be finished.

Nice evening in Vero Beach.  Prefer this!

We had the usual happy hour on Thursday night at the marina where we caught up with some CLODS, cruisers living on dirt. We also got to see some of our Exuma friends who came in throughout the week as well. There was a nice sunset or two when it wasn't raining during happy hour time.
To this!

On Friday we celebrated Al's birthday a day early (because I did not want to hold up our friends in case they wanted to move on), with a celebratory dinner. Matt and Marty on Runaway and Bess and Jim came over for a ham, scalloped potatoes, butternut squash, salad and of course, cake dinner. It was a hot day but with a breeze blowing, so it was pleasant. I am glad we did it early, because the next day was hot and HUMID! It would not have been fun!

We just left Vero Beach after spending the week there. We are headed north slowly because it is still cold up there according to family and friends! Hope to be in our home port around mid May.

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