Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Mixture of Old and New

CAVU as the sun sets.
We stopped in Beaufort, SC for a night with some anchorages in between.  These stops always give us some lovely pictures.
Al raising anchor earlier morn.

Samson and the Lion

We made it to one of our favorite places, Georgetown, SC where we went into a marina for two days. CAVU and us rented a car and spent the day at the wonderful Brookgreen Gardens near Murrell's Inlet.


We had been there twice before but always in the fall, so I wanted to see the spring flowers. Unfortunately, we were in between the seasons. The daffodils and tulips were definitely on their way out, and the summer flowers were just coming up and being planted. It is not to say that we did not get to see flowers. There were flowers around, just not as plentiful as expected. In another two weeks it will probably be magnificent.
The Fountain of the Muses

The Rainey Sculpture Pavilion

What color!

The Night Herons were not afraid of people!
However, it was still beautiful with the lovely sculptures and gardens which we did all before lunch. After lunch we walked the path which explained about the rice plantations and then went to the zoo, aviary and butterfly house. 

Even though we have been there before, it is always fun to watch the creatures. This time we got a good look at two alligators.  The one looked like a statue until he turned his head!
Real alligators, the "biggie" is in back.

One just gave us his rear view but the other accommodated us for a few minutes with a great view. They also were having a Lego exhibit which was amazing which is there until Sept.. They were all out in nature. Some of them used as many as 85,00 legos in them. It was hard to pick my favorite, so I am showing you my three favorite.

Galapagos Tortoise with Finch
Dragonfly.  Hard to believe they can do that with Legos!
How would you like to be the person paid to play with Legos to come up with these creations!

After Georgetown we moved onto Thoroughfare Creek off the Wacamaw River. Unfortunately it was a sunny Sunday, so that brought out all the small power boaters to the creek because there is a large sand bank that draws them there. 
The locals enjoying the sand bank.
 There were many young families earlier in the afternoon, and then the single men and women came to enjoy happy hour there. For the most part they were courteous so it did not ruin this gorgeous spot. 
The rising sun with the glassy water relections.
 The sun on the mist in the morning was magical as well as the glass-like water with reflections.
The mist coming off the water as we leave the creek.

We tried another new spot, tying up at the dock at Barefoot Landing.
Barefoot Landing dock.

 Such a contrast to the natural Wacamaw River. Maryann and I took advantage of the shopping opportunities and enjoyed ourselves while the men spent a leisurely afternoon watching the world go by.
What a life!

I love those reflections skewed by our passing boat.
The gorgeous sunny weather continued as we travel through what they call “The Rock Pile.” You can see how it got its name. The tide was coming up so we did not come through at it's lowest. 

Rocks sticking up!

St. James Plantation Marina
We pulled into St. James Plantation marina, recommended by CAVU.  Another first for us! It was a very nice quiet and clean marina. Enjoyed dinner at their restaurant looking out over the marina on the outside deck.
The view from the deck.

Wrightsville Beach
The next day we got into Wrightsville Beach at lunch time. Put the dinghy in and went ashore to show Maryann and Ron what was here. They have anchored here but never came ashore. We of course, took them to the beach where it was quite crowded for being midweek.

 Maryann and I walked the shoreline while the men took a seat on the bench. 
Al and Ron enjoying the scenery.

They were enjoying the scenery as you can see!
Maryann and I don't think they were looking at the water!!!

We are headed for Mile Hammock anchorage today and will be going into River Dune Marina for two the end of the week We are going to catch up with Harry and Finola from Escape Velocity, whom we met in the Exumas and who have a home in Oriental, NC. We also hope to meet up with Dave and Toni Mershon at the lower end of the bay if all works out.  We hope to be home around the 13th or 14th of May. But that all depends on the weather, because some of the most vigorous sailing is on the Chesapeake Bay.

This might be my last blog. I am getting burned out. It is much easier to post on Facebook as we go, so all of you who don't do Facebook, you have 1 ½ years until we do this again to get on it!  You will only have to "friend" me and I could be the only person with whom you use Facebook.


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